The inaugural meeting of the CHROMAFOR E-Learning Platform, developed within the framework of the European Union project CHROMAFOR – Circular Human Resource Management in the Metal Casting Industry, was held on March 7, 2023 at Istanbul Gayrettepe Sürmeli Hotel.

The event attracted a lot of attention with the participation of more than 30 representatives of human resources from the TUDOKSAD member companies and college students. The appearance, content and user guide of the CHROMAFOR, a free platform for self-training open at the web address https://chromafor.eu/, were shared with the participants.

In the presentations a series of theoretical content and practical activities developed to inform those working in the foundry industry about the circular economy and principles of sector practice were conveyed.

In the scope of the carbon border regulation mechanism, which will cover all branches of the industry in the near future, the adoption of sustainability and circular economy practices by the top managements, their detailed understanding and implementation by all units will make it easier for our industry to adapt to the changing conditions.

The CHROMAFOR E-Learning platform that available in Turkish, English, Italian and Spanish versions, can be applied both individually and collectively. It aims to implement a new human resource management model that will allow the improvement and development of existing skills and competencies of employees in the sector in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

Competencies and skills for circular management of human resources in the metal casting industry.

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