Kick-off project meeting

The first partners’ meeting was held virtually on February 23-24, 2021.

During the meeting, administrative issues were clarified, the project schedule was presented, the work plan was discussed and the project outcomes in terms of success indicators and the configuration of the quality management approach, were agreed.

The results of the project in terms of success indicators, the configuration of the quality management approach were agreed upon.

Regarding technical issues, the following were discussed by reaching an agreement:

  • O1/A1 Development of methodology and tools for transnational research work (draft questionnaires and guidelines on research activities). Guidelines and templates for describing learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and competences according to ECVET principles.
  • O2/A1 Drafting of the methodology for the development of O2: Structure and logic of the role model and selection criteria to be applied, set of criteria to identify circular economy practices.