Module 1

Managing Basic Technical and Environmental Concepts Towards a Circular HRM Model

Before we get into the circular economy principles and circularity in detail, let’s get to know this new economic model that demands to change our economical behavior completely. What is linear if we are talking about a circularity? How to close linear flows? Is it worth it?

Unit 2

Material & human circularity

Video introduction

Circularity can only be provided via closing linear flows. In material manner, circular economy is implemented with basic reuse, reduce, recycle principles. Also, thanks to nature of metals, the recycling ratio of metals is very high. However, we need to generate a way to reduce the end-of-life products and waste of used materials. But what about human resources? Human resources are the most effective input of a company as well as materials. Thus, the principles of circular economy should be transformed for human manner.