Module 1

Managing Basic Technical and Environmental Concepts Towards a Circular HRM Model

Before we get into the circular economy principles and circularity in detail, let’s get to know this new economic model that demands to change our economical behavior completely. What is linear if we are talking about a circularity? How to close linear flows? Is it worth it?


Self-assessment test Module 1

What do the 3Rs stand for?

  • Reuse, repair, and recycle
  • Reuse, recycle, and reduce
  • Repair, recycle, and reduce
  • Reuse, refurbish, and recycle

What is the key approach of circular economy to obtain all purposes of it?

  • Describe theories to maintain practical waste management system
  • Become the raw material for another consumer production process
  • Prolong the life of products to increase productivity
  • Search for a new resource field

Which circular design strategy aims to make every part of the product easy to separate to facilitate repair or making the product into another product?

  • Adaptability and upgradability
  • Standardization and compatibility
  • Disassembly and reassembly
  • Ease of maintenance and repair

I. The packaging bag, including non-woven bag, thermal takeaway bag, paper bag, and plastic bag
II. Takeaway food container, including plastic container and paper container
III. Cutlery, including bamboo cutlery, wooden cutlery, and plastic cutlery
Which of the above can be recycled when you order takeaway?

  • I and II
  • II and III
  • I and III
  • All of them

At which stage of its life cycle does bottled water consume more land?

  • Extraction
  • Processing
  • Packing
  • End of life

Which of the following would not be appropriate strategy for the transition to circular economy?

  • Standardize the durability and lifetime of a product
  • Micro system applications for waste facilities
  • Provide modular design
  • Set requirements that support the development of product designed for recycling

Which of the following is not a capital of a firm?

  • Intellectual property
  • Labor force
  • Bonds
  • Stock in trade

What is the practical solution for circular economy in meso scale of human resources?

  • Labor-employment exchange
  • Generation of wiseman network in sectoral level
  • Publishing know-hows
  • Build a management system to transfer information from experienced ones to newly-recruited ones

How do you generate a route for data collection to implement circularity assessment?

  • Define purpose 🡪 Scale the group 🡪 Set criteria 🡪 Define principles
  • Scale the group 🡪 Define aim 🡪 Set boundary conditions 🡪 Prepare questioner
  • Define purpose 🡪 Define principles 🡪 Scale the group 🡪 Define principles
  • Define principles 🡪 Define purpose 🡪 Scale the group 🡪 Set criteria

Besides parameters of production, consumption, disposal and climate, which of the following parameter is taken into account for assessment value calculation according to SCREEN-Lab Assessment Criteria?

  • Stock
  • Labor force
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Net balance of jobs

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