Module 3

Environmental management & sustainability in the foundries

How to identify the current situation and relevant requirements needed to address the administrative necessities and environmental issues within the company?

This module is divided into three units. In the first place, the participants are expected to gain relevant knowledge about current structure of management systems in metal foundries and good practices within environment and sustainability perspective.
Secondly, participants will know the needs of the industry and the labor within the twin transformation framework and gain information about the role of HRM, Green HRM principles and Circularity principles.
Finally, through a group activity, the participants will practice about learning from experience, and providing and developing a model for facilitation of circularity within company.
Main topics:
– Making Connections Between Ideas and Concepts with A Circular Economy Approach: Environment & Sustainability in Metal Foundries
– Creativity, Responding in A Circular Economy Approach: Circular Journey of Metal Foundries
– Learning To Learn, Learning from The Experience: Group Studies on Circular HR Management in Metal Casting Industry

Learning content