Module 3

Environmental management & sustainability in the foundries

How to identify the current situation and relevant requirements needed to address the administrative necessities and environmental issues within the company?

Unit 3

Group Studies on Circular HR Management in Metal Casting Industry

In-presence activities

Group activity (or individually):

This activity could be carried out as face-to-face training or as a synchronous online training lead by the tutor.
This activity will help HR managers to design and implement relevant methods, instruments, and projects to foster the development of circular culture in the company.
After reviewing role model films, participants will be encouraged to develop new strategies and mechanisms by using the principles they learned in the previous units, present the ideas and models they developed within the given time and brainstorming will be done.

Question 1.

Circular Principles In Job Definitions & Performance Systems
What would be the new concepts in job definitions, performance assessments and rewards in transition to circular economy?

Question 2.

Circularity & Management Concepts
What would be the possible reflections of digitalization in HR management in transition to circular economy?

Question 3.

What about new management concepts such as Sustainability Committees, Circularity Working Groups?

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