Module 4

Encouraging a circular economy strategy in the foundry sector

How to promote ecological self-awareness and identify and propose creative ideas to face the circular economy challenges within the company?


Self-assessment test Module 4

1.- Advantages of promoting a circular economy strategy in the company:

  • Decrease in profitability in the medium and long term
  • Worse consumer acceptance
  • Better consumption of resources, which represent considerable savings
  • Less concentrated and productive staff

2.- The principles of ecological awareness of the European Union are:

  • Protection, conservation and improvement of ecosystems and Soil conservation
  • Soil conservation and Respect for the landscape
  • Soil conservation, Respect for the landscape and Commitment to local producers
  • All of them

3.- How to promote ecological awareness within the company?

  • Lead by example
  • Introduce small acts that help the environment into our daily routines
  • Propose achievable goals
  • All of them

4.- To raise awareness among employees….

  • …. it is important to know how to motivate them
  • …. sometimes it is necessary to impose it
  • … it is not necessary to generate ecological knowledge
  • … attitudes and values towards the circular economy are not a priority

5.- In industrial ecology….

  • ….the way an ecosystem works is not imitated
  • ….the industrial activity is associated with each other
  • ….the factories work independently
  • ….energy dependence is increased

6.- Experts in industrial ecology must control (indicate the INCORRECT):

  • Respond to energy demand problems
  • Make industrial buildings and plants more sustainable
  • Learn about clean energy alternatives
  • Make some of the members of the chain aware of the importance of implementing this production process

7.- Criteria for ecodesign:

  • increase emissions
  • increase material
  • optimize materials and energy
  • use of materials derived from artificial products

8.- Criteria for ecodesign:

  • compact, reduce and limit consumption during transport
  • use the service unconsciously
  • increase emissions
  • use traditional technological solutions

9.- A worker can be more flexible if:

  • He/she doesn’t need a strong support network
  • He/she is open-minded
  • He/she does not plan ahead
  • He/she is pessimistic

10.- In order to identify and assess certain environmental risks, it is necessary:

  • Identify sources of risk
  • Identify risks
  • Detail the consequences of the risk
  • The previous three

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