Module 5

Systematizing and quantifying the circular economy in the foundry sector

How to assess and quantify the level of circularity of a foundry and adopt solutions to improve such a level


Self-assessment test Module 5

1. – Find the correct sentence. During the planning of an audit it is important to…

  • … identify the data to be measured
  • … talk with the staff of the company
  • … draft the final report
  • … look for evidences on the field

2. – Which of the following is not a requirement of a circularity process according to the classification of the European Environmental Agency?

  • Reduction of natural resources used and inputs
  • Reduction of the emission level
  • Implementation of product durability
  • Implementation of product profitability

3. – Find the correct sentence.

  • The standard AFNOR XP X30 901 has been released before the BS8001
  • Both the standards BS8001 and AFNOR XP X30 901 provide a certification
  • Both the standards BS8001 and AFNOR XP X30 901 can be applied in the foundry sector
  • Only the standard BS8001 can be integrated with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

4. – The standard AFNOR XP X30 901 consider three dimensions of sustainability. Which one of the following is the intruder:

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Safety
  • Society

5. – Find the wrong sentence. The Standard ISO WD 59 020…

  • … is designed by an internazional organization.
  • … is in contrast with the previous standars on circularity auditing
  • … has not been released yet.
  • … intends to process for organizations to measure and assess circularity

6. – Which of the following assessment tools focuses mainly on the circularity of material flows

  • Circulitycs
  • Circular Economy Toolkit
  • Circular Economy Indicator Prototype
  • CTI Tool

7. – Which of the following heat recovery activities can not be implemented only inside the foundry?

  • Climatization of the foundry plant
  • Scrap preheating
  • Climatization of nearby cities
  • Preheating of feed water

8. – How it is possible to reuse the wastewater of a foundry process?

  • It can be recovered and regenerated in closed-loop paths
  • It can be used as it is for irrigation
  • It can be reused in the food industry
  • It cannot be recovered, it must be disposed of

9. – Which of the following uses has been found to reuse waste foundry sand?

  • Furniture
  • Alphalt
  • Glass
  • Seals

10. – The fondry dust

  • is highly toxic and must be released into the air as soon as possible
  • can be processed to extract metals or other valuable materials
  • can be collected through filters and disposed of in landfills
  • is widely used in the textile industry

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