Module 6

Sharing and spreading the circular economy and their values in the foundry sector

How to communicate your green values within and outside the company?

Unit 2

Green visibility: how to communicate your green values within the company

In-presence activities


Module 6, unit 2 has a duration of 2 hours. The online learning part is calculated in 30 minutes and it is meant to provide material that you will use to reflect and discuss during collaborative learning afterwards.

Exercises will be done in group, guided by a trainer. We recommend to deepen the issue of brand reputation and try this exercise.

Exercises which support deepening the learning.

Exercise 1:

Please, find out activities favouring green engagement (true or false)

  • true false Start a green team
  • true false Keep information reserved
  • true false Make it serious
  • true false Share the vision
  • true false Limit incentives
  • true false Be an example

Exercise 2: Watch 2/3 videos proposed in links.

Link to Siemens best practise
Link to Starbucks best practise
Link to HSBC best practice

Link to Mc Donald’s best practice
Link to Google best practice

After watching the below video please think about those questions and start answering by yourself. You will compare your reflection with the group in collaborative elarning.

  • What seems working better in those cases?
  • Which challenges/activities were proposed? What the results?