Module 6

Sharing and spreading the circular economy and their values in the foundry sector

How to communicate your green values within and outside the company?

Unit 2

Green visibility: how to communicate your green values within the company

Videos and useful links

We are providing you with a list of videos on some companies internal communication best practices. We ask you to watch them carefully with a specific focus on channels used, storytelling, targets and stakeholders.
Those videos will be rewatched in group work during collaborative learning

Link to Siemens best practise

Link to Starbucks best practise

Link to HSBC best practice

Link to Mc Donald’s best practice
Link to Google best practice

We are also providing a list of link to articles and essays to read before meeting in collaborative learning

An article about green employees engagement

An article on green people management

An article deepening best channels for internal communication

An article on impact of different HRM on green work

Guide on internal communication