Module 6

Sharing and spreading the circular economy and their values in the foundry sector

How to communicate your green values within and outside the company?


Self-assessment test Module 6

1) What is brand reputation?

  • 1.It’s how employees perceive their company
  • 2.It’s how managers perceive their company
  • 3. It is a set of perceptions, evaluations and expectations towards a brand, a company, a product
  • 4. It is how stakeholders perceive a company

2) What is green marketing?

  • 1. the contact point between environment and enterprise
  • 2.the promoting of green products
  • 3. a form of communication
  • 4. a company pretending being green

3) Environmental accountability today for companies is ?

  • 1.Quite annoying
  • 2.A pressing issue
  • 3. Something not relevant
  • 4. A topic just depending on communication

4) What do we mean with green washing?

  • 1. process of conveying a false impression or misleading information about how a company’s products are environmentally sound
  • 2.A transparent way to communicate green
  • 3. Process of explainig company’s policies and practises to consumers
  • 4. A form of green marketing

5) What do we mean with green engagement?

  • 1.It’s the involvement of firm management in environmental issues
  • 2.It’s a plotical movement
  • 3 the involvement of stakeholders on ecology
  • 4. the involvement of employees in environmental concerns and green transitions and changes of their firm.

6) what are the 3 W in communication?

  • 1.Where Whose Will
  • 2.With What Want
  • 3.Will Would Wouldn’t
  • 4.Who What Why

7) Who are external targets composed by?

  • 1.People buying products
  • 2.Everyone reached by communication
  • 3.Buyers, decision makers, Influencers, other stakeholders
  • 4. Future buyers, prospects

8) What do we mean with internal communication?

  • 1.Formal communication among management
  • 2.Any communication activity towards the inside of the organization
  • 3.An activity directed from management to employees
  • 4.Non formal communication among employees

9) Which of the sentences is false, about digital channels?

  • 1. they give the possibility to reach one’s targets
  • 2. They give the possibility to customize messages
  • 3. all the targets can be reached
  • 4. They are less expensive

10) List some disadvantages in using email in internal communication

  • 1.difficulty in prioritarization, inboxes full
  • 2.Privacy problems
  • 3.Security problems
  • 4.difficulties in reaching everyone

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